Greetings from A Far Away Land

It’s sort of funny – that me and have sort of a meme on this. If you read the post from my birthday, you’ll know I randomly wished people “Happy Birthday” in the blogosphere on my birthday. It turns out that it was very rewarding, socially speaking. I made some people’s days, and got this broken conversation going between here and Not that it’s anything ground breaking, it’s just that that site is entirely in Turkish. That’s not even in my list of languages to learn, let alone one I already know a handful of words from. I know, maybe, two words in Turkish, and they relate to my drumming. Not particularly useful in conversation. I’ve learned a thing or two about a couple of additional words, though I don’t know of how certain I am about their meaning, nor their context. At any rate, I find it really cool to have a name I can call on when in need of some assistance in all things Turkish.

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