Tea Bag Phenomenom

Since Halo 2’s substantial release into the wild, new phrases have entered the every-day. Among them is “tea-bagging.” Not something I’d recommend using in mixed company, but I’m guessing it’ll be on the sitcom’s soon. Wikipedia says:

The term tea bag is also slang for a homosexual sex act that involves the scrotum (the tea bag). Use your imagination for the rest. Reference the movie “Pecker” starring Edward Furlong (not porn, just a weird title)

It’s sort of odd that adolescent boys would choose a homosexual act to commit the ultimate insult in a game. Of course, it spreads from them to the rest of us very quickly and becomes a favorite joke among those in the know. My friend, Michael A., asked for a sweet tea bag at Ted’s Montana Grill yesterday at lunch. That got many a suppressed laugh from the rest of us at the table.

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