SpaceShipOne Wins $10 Million Ansari X Prize in Historic 2nd Trip to Space

This day in history! SpaceShipOne reaches a height exceeding the requirements for the Ansari X prize. This achievment is said to be the door to spaceward tourism, though I’m not as concerned about that. I would certainly enjoy a flight to space, but I’m guessing the price is a bit steep at the moment. We have reached an era, however, that finds spaceflight available to the common man. *That* is a big step towards the innovations required to get further, faster. This guy is after my own heart:

“‘We might have gotten to 370,000 feet if my mother-in-law hadn’t spilled about a pound of coffee on me this morning,’ Binnie said after stepping out of the space plane. ‘A little accident added to the drama of the day.'”

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