New Drum

I recently purchased a Klong Yaw (also seen as klon yaw and glawng yao). It’s 31” high with a 9.5” head. I got it because it seemed very unique and I’ve often spoke of a mythical drum of this shape. Turns out it wasn’t just in my head after all. Anyway, I will post a picture or two of this unique drum – the pictures I had as a reference before did not give it complete justice. I have 15 days to determine whether or not to keep the drum, so I’m in my evaluation period now. If I can get some sounds recorded, I’ll post those as well to get some feedback.

Are there any other drummers out there that have any experience with the klong yaw? I play djembe, so that’s basically how I’m playing this. I should mention that this drum is a traditional drum from Thailand. It is used primarily in temples during religious ceremonies. Beyond that, I can’t find much about the drum nor the sounds on the Internet.

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