It's like family, only weirder…

Evil in Nature

The Ampulex compressa, a wasp with a nasty hunting habit, has a particularly devious plan in store for cockroaches. I’m not fond of roaches either, but I’ve never thought to conduct bizarre Frankenstein experiments with them. I’ve read at Boing Boing and The Loom at Corante now about the fascinating…Continue Reading

In Memory of Raven

Our very lovable dog, Raven, met an untimely end last night. We are aggrieved by her death, as any pet owner would be. I can think of nothing ill of Raven. She was a great pet the seven-odd years she stayed with us. I only recently wrote of her Wasp-Whispering…Continue Reading

Raven Wasp Whisperer

Raven, my shaggy black dog, is an incredible wasp slayer. When she was younger, she attacked a low-flying wasp only to feel its revenge in her mouth. She shook her head vigorously for a long time, and drooled profusely. I’ve been stung by a wasp before, but I can’t imagine…Continue Reading