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How to Reboot your BlackBerry 7100

  1. Open the battery compartment by smashing your finger against an immovable plastic button
  2. Remove the battery which undoubtedly has a red indicator sticker demonstrating that it has been in an environment with humidity greater than 20%
  3. Reinsert said voided battery
  4. Slide the plastic cover back onto the phone
  5. Wait 8 minutes

Assuming you connect to your carrier, you can make calls a mere 8 minutes. I’m now completely fed up with my phone. I’m also unwilling to extend my contract another 2 years to get a cheaper phone. So if you’re looking to cell you BlackBerry Pearl (unlocked or already an AT&T phone) or better, let me know.

Reader Comments

  1. Everytime I have a problem with my phone battery, I am referred to the pink sticker that indicates too wet an environment…even in a drought. I suspect even in the Sahara. Hurling the phone in the face of the service person doesn’t rectify the situation.
    Experience counts

  2. I understand that frustration about getting the battery back open. You push, squeeze, slide, press, peal and then magically without you quite understanding *exactly* what the secret was it pops open. If your lucky and the pressure was light it will remain in place – otherwise gravity takes over and it is a race to the ground.

    I know where you can get a slightly battered 7130…..

    you know you want an iPhone anyways

    — Isi

  3. the 8100 (Blackberry Pearl) is much better about that than the 7100. And has more features. I got mine with only a 1 year contract via T-Mobile. I could have gotten it with no contract but I would have had to pay a lot more for it. But I agree with the Isi… you really want an iPhone.


  4. i put a password on my phone and the 1st couple times it worked then i tried to put it in again and it stoped letting me into my fone.. how do i restart it and get rid of the password

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