Summer Solstice

I noticed that this time last year marked a particularly hot and dry period in the year. It so happens that Georgia has been suffering a level two drought since the ides of April. So either this year’s drought is nothing new, or it’s only getting worse with every year. I’m not much of a doomsday type of person – I think it may be getting worse, or at least changing, but perhaps not as noticeable between individual years.

In other parts of the world, the Solstice was celebrated wildly:

Taking a swig from a mug of vodka and Red Bull, she said she had been coming to the solstice ceremony for eight years. “I love the whole vibe, and the energy, and the fact that these stones, that they are alive, they do breathe, and they do grow … and they’re massive!” she said.

— Edmonton Sun (News)

Wow! Growing rocks? Breathing rocks! Red Bull and vodka you say? Good stuff.


  1. Sounds like deja’ vu from my more youthful period, only I never needed the Vodka and Red Bull or any other external substance.
    Apologetic Hippy

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