It's like family, only weirder…

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  1. Damned censorship. But I guess it’s like a family site so I do understand. But I think we should hang out one day and talk all the potty humor we want. Fox used to tell me how you thiught fladgulence was halarious. I think sercretly I do I just don’t show it.. And I know this is so off topic but I was wonderin , since you seem to like a wide range of music, are you or were you ever into Sonic Youth? They’re tight if you like the whole garage alt. rock thing. Holla’ back…

  2. I actually appreciate pretty much any comment I can get on this site. If something is insanely grotesque or unneeded, I can simply delete it. And I do remember Sonic Youth, though I hadn’t heard from them in some time now.

  3. I sorry, For I have just realized that it’s probably really anoying when I leave million letterd replies that everyone can see that usually don’t havemuch to do with the point of replying. I’ll start e-mailing ya’ll.:/

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