Orkut.com Media: Cure for a Political Hangover

Another good read on Orkut’s new Media section. This one by Mark Ganek on political satire. I’m not the type, but I found this to be profound and entertaining. Ganek beats about the head and shoulders societal tendencies to muck-rake on differences of political party. Though, as seen in his humorous article, it’s hard not… Continue reading Orkut.com Media: Cure for a Political Hangover

Bush/Kerry Political Debate

I’m not a politically motivated (I’m demotivated, actually) person, generally speaking. I can’t really tell you honestly on which party my loyalty falls. I don’t know. Despite my existence as a mugwump, I did watch the debate tonight. I use watch loosely as I actually did some of it with my eyes closed. And maybe… Continue reading Bush/Kerry Political Debate