Threadless Scoring

So I learned today that my impression of the way Threadless submissions were scored was entirely by the public and finalized immediately after your time was up. Turns out, I’m way off. Like 83 days off. A submission can stay in the “choice” bucket forever, it seems. I was told by someone at Threadless that a submission was once pulled from a submission a year prior. The normal time to wait for the results is 90 days. It can take 90 days for the judges to finalize their decisions on what wins and what begins to collect dust in their archives. The higher scored designs typically win, but in some cases that doesn’t happen. The judges may choose won that they unanimously like, or more likely, disqualify a design that might have just edged you out of the competition. That said, I can’t offer up my designs for sale until after I’ve waited an appropriate amount of time. I do have one old submission that I can put up on Zazzle, but it didn’t even last 24 hours in the Threadless competition originally. It needs a little work to be worthy of anyone’s T-Shirt, I think.

Bottom line – I’m not out of the competition yet! This means my designs could still win. My scores weren’t the highest, to be sure, but I still have to hold out hope that they’re scored only marginally lower than the winners.

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