Twitter Updates for 2008-07-31

  • I watched “The Fun with Dick and Jane” yesterday. Enjoyable movie – reminds me of “Trading Places.” #
  • Adobe Illustrator gives me a headache. #
  • @DinoRubble Photoshop and Premiere I’m good with. The rest largely elludes me, though I think I’ve been irritated with PageMaker too. #
  • We’re instituting new “Green” janitorial services at work. Associates requested to carry trash to common dumping area. #
  • @DinoRubble I like ‘peduncle’ and hope to use to describe some part of the human anatomy. Applying botanical terms to the body is dirty! #
  • Livin’ like a felon…I’m using Panera for their wireless access AND I DIDN’T ORDER ANYTHING TO EAT/DRINK! #
  • I’d make a bad felon – I bought a cheese danish. Arrrrgh! #

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