The Hot is Here to Stay

Well…that’s it, folks; it’s official.  Summer is here and it’s not going to be getting any cooler for a while.  Enjoy the longer days, bar-b-q’s, swimming, and sun.  The lake still isn’t up to a satisfactory level for those using it recreationally, but at least it’s still here!

Balthazar and I swam in it just this weekend.  It felt quite nice, though I did receive my admonishment from Amy about diseases and bacteria living on our skin after the swim.  I didn’t shower either of us afterwards, which apparently is the logical choice after soaking in the lake’s bacterial soup.


  1. I think you have to believe in the Germ Theory in order to be affected by swimming in lake water. Just don’t drink it.
    Not particularly a believer in Germ Theory

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