It’s Like Watching NASCAR on Acid

We went out on Mother’s Day with some friends to see what we all knew would be a bad movie, Speed Racer.  Between the 9 or so adults, there were also 3 children around Balthazar’s age.  If nothing else, we thought they would thoroughly enjoy the over-the-top cheese and hyper-saturated pop-film.  We might have all enjoyed it [some] if it hadn’t been for the fact that it lasted about 70 minutes too long.

I will admit, there were some classic Speed Racer moments that I enjoyed, but they could have been wrapped up into a hip music video or something.  Perhaps a short film.  The effects were awesome in many cases, over the top in the others.  However, I recognize that it was an effect the Wachowski brothers were going for.  The effects didn’t bother me too much, though the final race is pretty mind-bending.  If you suffer from epileptic seizures from flashing lights, this movie is probably not for you.

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