Balthazar Comments on Commodity Foods

I was just pulling out of driveway (a severe angle up to the road), and I burned the clutch a bit to keep from stalling out in reverse. Balthazar says, “Daddy, I smell chicken nuggets.”

So a burning clutch smells like a chicken nugget, or perhaps it’s more apt to say that chicken nuggets smell like a burning clutch. *Mental Note; remove fast food chicken nuggets from the boy’s diet.


  1. In my quest to find healthy foods that B will eat, I happened on a review of a totally vegetarian hot dog that was touted to be indistinguishable from the real thing and very good for you. Perfect, I thought, and bought it. B and I had it on Sunday. Obviously, the person writing the review has never had a real hot dog. If you people would just quit with all the fast food–all of it for a year or two, he would eat normal things that are cooked in Bibba’s kitchen. And I’m not referring to either eggplant or zucchini.

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