Caribou Single Serving

Caribou has recently brought to my attention the fact that they sell the Keurig single-cup brewer and have caribou coffee available for it. That’s really cool! My friend Spazz has a single-cup system at her house and I use it as often as I’m allowed. I’m not a convert yet, though it is certainly worth consideration at the office. It would mean less clean-up at the desk. I’m actually a big fan of some of the Caribou coffees, so a Caribou single-cup actually sounds pretty tantalizing to me.

Life is short, stay awake.

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  1. We’ll convert you yet. It would be perfect at your desk, all you have to do is keep the reservoir filled. You come over anytime you get the urge to make coffee by the cup. I LOVE my Senseo. A coffee pot just didn’t get used that much at my house. They have tea pouches too, and it is cool, because most of the ‘pods’ are pretty interchangeable from brand to brand (I think Maxwell house makes one too.)

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