The Right to Be Topless

Some parts of America are actually attempting to reeducate society’s morals and bring fair treatment of mammaries to all. New York, for one, has legalized boobs on public display in areas where it is similarly approved for men to go shirtless. After Janet Jackson’s recent wardrobe blunder, some (albeit minority) civil liberty groups have stressed the importance of the freedom of shirtlessness. Photographer Jordan Matter picked up on the movement and created a photographic journal showing the casual, daily lives of 100 topless women in public areas of New York.

Equality for women? Yes, yes. But it is not my opinion that the lack of “liberties” assigned to women includes their right to go topless. I tend to agree with my wife in her assessment of (and general dislike) of sensationalism. I also respect the wishes of some people to expose their genitalia – nudists, I call them. And to that, the society in which I live does not currently support – broadly – the appearance of nudists in public. Some people can endure such things, some cannot. The price we pay to live within a society is compromise. Insofar as it allows us to live harmoniously together, that is. I can do it, can you?

Photographer: Jordan Matter
Topfree Equal Rights Association (TERA)


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