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Threadless is a Web 2.0 application involving all the standard components of a social web system and a really attractive product offering to get things going. They sell T-shirts, but not just any T-shirts…your T-shirts! It works by users submitting T-shirt designs or slogans and other members rating those ideas. If you should win, and there are several winners every month, you get cash, money, and phat street cred. I’ve only purchased one shirt so far, but I’ve ranked many hundreds. I so enjoy what they’re doing, it has inspired me to start submitting design ideas.

My Submission I submitted my first entry onto recently. It’s a piece I’ve titled “Broccoli Obsession” after a unique attraction I’ve had since high school to the image of broccoli with Ranch dressing. This was my first shot at drawing the image the way I have. Normally I include candles placed around the floret with several monks praying to the idol. It’s also normally more than a five color piece, so I had some difficulty with that constraint. Despite this, I think the image came off pretty nicely and I’m enjoying reading the criticism on of the design. Some like it, others have specific complaints. All very helpful in making it a better image with time. I should also mention that Amy recommended that I fix the Ranch dressing to make it look more like Ranch and less like glue, but I was done with the image and just wanted to get it submitted. The comments at will show that I should have taken the extra time and follow her recommendation.

I have a list of additional images I intend to create. It took me a good while to create this first one and it’s not an image I had to think a lot about. However, I’m committed to getting designs submitted. The money is good, but the idea of creating a popular shirt design for others to enjoy is even more of a selling point to me. Amy and I both are working out ideas, though I’m doing all the drawing right now. I think we’ll be able to collaborate on some photography/vector art stuff as I get better at it.

By the way, if anyone wants to buy me a 12Club membership until I should win one, you may do so here. And if you’re just interested in browsing the website for shirts to buy, please use my StreetTeam link so that I get referral points for your purchases.

*UPDATE Gah! I didn’t do well on my first submission. If, after 24 hours, you’ve accumulated at least 100 votes and averaged a score of 1.5 or less, you get dropped. I was thinking of ways to improve the design, but now I think I’ll hang it up. Time to move on to the other designs and see if I fair any better.


  1. You know this veggie bukkake pic isn’t going to help you get rid of the hentai comment spam.

    Cool deisgn though. It reminds me of the old Sherwin Williams logo.

  2. NO! I want one of these for my birthday!! Time to move it to Cafe Press perhaps? Ed used to tell me stories of your broccoli signature left on white boards around the office. Quite impressive broccoli-rendering skills too, I might add. Hope things are well with you and the fam. 🙂

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