Bella Lingerie, not just for Women…

Bella Lingerie saw their first male customer today…shopping for themselves. Krista took care of the gentleman in the most professional way and treated him just like any customer. She even offered a personal fitting, which he declined. He had some pretty specific needs in mind, which I guess anyone shopping for a man-bra would have. He also picked up some maternity panties for extra support and comfort. I suppose it really makes perfect sense. So if you’re a man looking for a source of women’s lingerie for yourself, Bella’s Lingerie / Belli Buttons Maternity in Mainstreet Market, Gainesville will treat you right!


  1. Some of us men enjoy soft silky lacey material and although there are sites that sell lingerie made for males it simply is not as exciting as wearing something made for women. I love to wear bras, panites, nightgowns, pantyhose etc.

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