I’ve Joined the Brotherhood

Brotherhood of the Bean has invited me to do some guest writing for them because of my shared love for coffee and (I’m sure) my refined palate. I’ve just written my first piece for them on a Bosnian selection, Minas Coffee (mmmmm!). Show some love and give the site a read. It’s an excellent source for some ecclectic knowledge on all things coffee. The proprietor(s) have an impressive amount of knowledge of some pretty technical attributes of the process. Anyway, I’m honored to be invited – hopefully I can provide them some substantive reviews for some time to come.

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  1. I think you should consider warning reviews such as the truly poisonous coffees, the malolor of all coffees (McDonalds comes to mind). Those coffees that are akin to battery acid or sewery mud. Advise us, Oh Great Coffee Brotherhood Bean, of coffees to absolutely avoid.
    maker of huge coffee mistakes

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