The Maize Maze

A crowd of us hit Uncle Shuck’s corn maze this evening for some group entertainment. There was quite a crowd already there, so we blended in nicely. Balthazar came along with us to be in his (and ours) first ever corn maze. Running the maze reminded me a little of running new levels in Quake or something. The whole thing was laid out over many acres and a nascar scene was carved out of the corn. This scene made up the three mazes that we wound through. I found it it easiest to get my head down on the map and cruise through at a good clip. The group had some difficulty keeping up with me. In fact, we lost half of them. There were way-points to reach and have a score sheet punched. I enjoyed that aspect of the game. We got all 12 punches done across two different mazes. There was also a haunted maze, which most of us ran. It was a little on the lame side just in that there were long stretches where nothing happened. There were a couple of really good spots in the haunted maze, however. We also did the hay ride at the end – they drop you off at a bonfire-ish spot where you can roast some marshmallows and warm up…finally. It was a really cold night. The first cold nights of autumn are always hard to prepare for. Balthazar told me as we walked back to the car around 10:00pm that he had a really good time. That was good for me to hear. It was also the last thing we would hear from Balthazar tonight. He is sleeping like a rock.

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