I Blew a Monitor Out

My wife reminded me the other evening that it wasn’t incredibly “cool” to have blown out a monitor – no matter how macho I thought the event. But to keep my adoring public believing in me, I’ve also blown out a couple of engines now…like car engines. So I’m still cool. At any rate, since the prior isn’t very much to speak of, I will gloat instead of the result of said blowing-up├Ędness. I purchased a new monitor, something I’ve never actually done for myself. I bought a ViewSonic LCD – the VX2025wm for those that care. It’s a 20.1″ wide-screen and I love it. Certainly not the best money can buy, but it’s the best my money will buy. Amy is next on the docket (if she’s reading this, she can take this as my oath). She makes mention [read: complains] that she has the studio with the public eye on her circa 1990 CRT’s backside. It was a match to the monitor at the house, which at one time enjoyed the company of the other in a nice double monitor setup. As such, I presume that it’s not long for this world either and am planning on its replacement purchase. I can get into a 17″ LCD for her place relatively cheap these days, so that’s what I intend to do. Hurray! The Gradin household inches closer to a victorious move into the 21st century.

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