1. OMG.. a ye old map of the city of Britan from Ultima (2 – 4 from the look of it)…

    Haven’t seen that map for many, many years…

  2. Origin.. you created worlds, before EA swollowed and corrupted you…. 🙁

    (Sad, sad day when UO2 was cancelled..)

  3. Ultima Online, to be exact. This is a scanned section of the entire map from a print I had. It was in the special edition that you got the lovely printed map.

  4. Online! Hell in my day we didn’t have the Internet, we had graph paper! Sometimes the kid who had the 20 sided die would be at a chess club meeting and we had to mold used chewing gum into the shape of an Icosagon … but we were happy then.

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