The Wee People of Indonesia

I was impressed to hear in a podcast (SETI) recently that a new hominid skeleton was found on an Indonesian island from 18,000 years ago. It’s another win for evolution as this new form is yet another intelligent hominid and just over 3 feet tall. By now, many skeletons have been found as well as the remains of mini elephants. The elephants are presumed to have swum from neighboring islands where this species is more common. The great question as to the wee size of the hominid is generally considered to be answered by a evolutional story on islands. Islands tend to bend natural selection a particular way, either because no predators exist, or because there is a limited and consistent supply of food. From what I understand from Darwin’s tales of the Galapagos, an evolutional process on an island chain occurs much faster than more diverse environments.

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