Nobel Peace, Only Weirder

A new new reader of, Donna Hadden, was recently so inspired by the Kibbles experiment that she wrote a poem about it.

“Nobel Peace, Only Weirder”

The masses are starving;
    there’s strife in Sudan.
Olaf pondered and
    formulated a plan.
He and his friend became
    human lab rats,
Consuming dog food full of
    proteins, carbs, and fats.
They ate it for a month,
    trying to find
If it satisfied hunger and
    with enzymes could bind.
Their results were encouraging
    with much data to review.
They’ve had articles to publish
    and TV interviews to do.
Alas, Olaf didn’t consider the
    side effects of these trials.
For now when he goes out
    to jog a few miles,
He has an ore’powering urge
    to lift his leg at each can,
And he drools and chases cars
    like the best friend of man.
Olaf never dreamed that his experiment
    he would botch.
For when the Nobel Peace Prize
    men arrived,
He ran up to sniff each crotch!

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  1. Brilliant poem! Absolutely brilliant! I’m not totally on board with the experiment because it will effect my pleasure of dining out with you, the woman and the boy for the next 8 weeks, but I have a morbid curiosity to see exactly exactly how this will pan out. Happy scarfing!

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