Major Updates Complete!

Wow! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be done with that. The major part of my work was done in very short order. I had to work out some problems as I went, but I was well prepared for most of it. One thing I didn’t look into was the fact that I’m missing almost 20 comments. I couldn’t even begin to say which ones, so it’s just a minor complaint. I’m leaving comments disabled for a short term while I wait to get some method of anti-spamming up. Shouldn’t be long, but it’ll take longer than the update did 😐 I did notice some minor glitches in the site as I poked around. Nothing I can’t take care of after the fact.

*UPDATE* I’ve enabled comments with some caveats for now. You shouldn’t be impeded, though I will have to approve your comment the first time.

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