d20D&D is back in my life. When last played, it was referred to as AD&D, which is now quite archaic. I played Dungeons & Dragons through Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but hung it up when my brother did. That was 20 or more years ago and I’m just revisiting a fond childhood memory. It turns out that the good folks of Wizards of the Coast bought the rights to D&D and made some changes per the requests of fans. They’re up to revision 3.5 now and I understand it’s quite good. I feel like such a noob getting started. It’s been so long I don’t remember the intricacies of playing. Role-playing I understand, but it’s all the crazy forumlae for determining fate and fortune that I don’t remember. There are also so many new monsters and spells and such. Dice were the first step, and I’ve enjoyed rolling my first character already.

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