Loathed Sermons

Last night’s sermon after the Christmas play was not a favorite of mine. The pastor said that anything done in your life without Jesus Christ was a waste. There were countless additional versions of that to support the discussion, and they were all equally as displeasing. It’s one thing to try and help people that are lost (though I’m against missionary activity), but it’s quite another to damn those not interested in your religion. This is a gross separation of spirituality and religion. It’s only in religion that such rules come out and force a black and white adherence to the divine, something that itself has only an abstract and metaphoric existence. I wonder what would happen if North America found a new prophet, son of a god, or other omen of turn or burn salvation…

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  1. Amen! I mean… Yeah!

    My dad’s side of the family is VERY religious, including my dad. This time of year is always trying for me. At both Thanksgiving and Christmas I have to put up with every family member reminding me of all the reasons that I should be going to church; about how I’m the “wayward son” who needs to find himself. I got news for ya family-people: I know exactly where I am. Thank you.

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