Praying Mantis

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A praying mantis (A.K.A. alien vessel from Neptune) was seen skewering a hummingbird by a young boy. This is not unheard of, though rarely photographed. Not only was this photographed, but it was done so with high-resolution equipment such is the norm in today’s backyards. Apparently, the mantis slashed out at the hummingbird as it flew near a flower – a favorite, I’m guessing. The mantis then stuck a spined foreleg through the hummingbirds chest (seemingly a very unlikely idea by anything but a human) and held it suspended whilst it tore into the bird’s abdomen and feasted on its warm, supple flesh. When full, it simply jerked its arm free of the cavity and discarded the remains of its victim. My fear and respect for the mantis is confirmed…

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