The North Georgia Celtic Festival

Today we ventured out to the North Georgia Celtic Festival to see the shows. Amy had some real work to do, photographing some of the performers, but Balthazar and I were there just to enjoy the day. This is the fourth annual celebration of Celtic arts, music, and culture hosted by Emerald Rose. We’re good friends of theirs and theirs, so it’s always fun to go and see everybody together at these festivals.

Turns out it’s very near Hell out there today. I hear tomorrow will be worse, but by golly, we’re going again. We’ve had to take a break from the festival while Amy and Balthazar nap. I generally don’t like taking naps, so here I am blogging instead. It may be near 100° F, but I’ll still belt down some coffee. Perhaps today is an *iced* coffee day.


  1. I think the young violinist is great. We saw him for the first time two years ago and he was amazing. I only heard a short performance of his today, but it was sounding very nice despite the sweltering heat. There was a decent breeze today; if it’s gone tomorrow all hope is lost. The indoor activities will have to suffice in that case.

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