Office Movements

A great injustice at CheckFree. Where I am, on the 3rd floor of my building, the toilets have the flushing power of a Mexican prison (I doubt this is the case, but imagine a dirt-floored prison cell with a groove cut in the floor to shed excrement away in due time). You’ll have to flush multiple times if you so much as spit in it. Rumor has it that the water fountains back up from time-to-time with sewage. I’ve seen the sludge in the fountain, but I have to imagine the building would be evacuated if it really was raw sewage. The 2nd floor, however, has a flusher to reckon with. It’ll suck you down with it if you’re too close when you hit the valve. It reminds me of an airplane toilet. I have always imagined that an airplane toilet just opens a hole in the hull, where 400 mile/hr. winds siphon the bowl in a μ second.

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