Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven was described as a place where Muslims and Christians lived side-by-side as friends and all were allowed to worship as they wish. This dream was never seen, though the closest ever realized was a time prior to the Crusades when the Jewish and Muslim worshiped together in Jerusalem. The movie in theaters now puts some interesting perspectives into these wars. I’m one that finds the Crusades rather appalling and a worthless loss of lives. That said, I can also see why the wars were waged by both sides for so long. After the original conquests, the follow-ups were simply defense measures to protect an interest. After generations of battles, no one really knew what they were fighting for anymore. Man had shifted to more modern requirements; power and money. The Kingdom of Heaven could never be attained under this premise, so today our differences continue to grow. Perhaps one day beyond all generations we can imagine, the Kingdom of Heaven will rise up like a phoenix from our ashes.

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  1. As long as men live and rule this world there will never be peace. If a man is left alone he will at the very least be at war with himself.

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