The Ancients Knew is showing us satellite pictures (from space, no less!) of ancient sites significant to extraterrestial matters. It’s fascinating to read about civilizations long before ours that understood the sun’s movement around us. That is, I’m pretty sure that the people of yore did not grasp the concept of a heliocentric solar system. It was common knowledge at the time that the gods controlled, or were in fact, the celestial objects we used for time measurement. Not that I’m discounting the fact that they were smart. On the contrary, humans have proven to be smart no matter what millennia they’re a part of. But unless aliens had some involvement with ancient man (of which, I am sure of), I don’t see how mankind could have had the perspective of our tiny blue ball in an oblivious vacum of space and time. If they did somehow possess this complete understanding, whoa! We’re a bunch of idiots if it has been thousands of years since stonehenge only to figure out what they already knew then.

“The Pyramid of the Sun,” with an alignment to coincide with the two days (May 19th and July 25th) when the sun would be directly over the top of the pyramid at noon.

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