Pee Your Bed Much?

When I was very young, I distinctly remember wetting the bed. More importantly, I remember why I wet the bed. In all cases I can recall, there was a very realistic dream in which I rose from bed and stumbled into the bathroom to pee. The realism peaked when the warmth of my own urine startled me awake. I wonder if this is the cause of children wetting the bed, or if this was just a personal experience. It seems awfully difficult to break such a habit when it’s not within your control to choose your dreams. However, the other night I had a dream in which I went to the bathroom and peed – for a long time. I seem to recall a certain satisfaction at the release of tension in my bladder. I think the alarm woke me up during or shortly thereafter the dream, but I was still dry. In fact, I didn’t even have an overwhelming urge to pee – just the normal one that strikes you right about the time you turn on the shower. So when did my brain decide that it should ignore dreams in which I pee?

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