Verizon Contracts

Below is my conversation with the support people at Verizon Wireless. Although I have enjoyed their coverage and general network quality, I hate service contracts. You have to agree to them (if not, you pay over-inflated prices) and they never actually work for you. They’re designed exclusively to aid the service provider. How is this a contract people are willing to get into? Pretty much all service contracts work out this way. I revised Verizon’s contract to better fit the business goals:

I, Olaf Gradin, hereby attest to my solemn oath of agreement and servitude to Verizon Wireless upon their irrefutable contracts. In return for my forced loyalty, I shall receive wireless communications capabilities (the “Services”), which I must actually pay for monthly. As a courtesy provided by Verizon WIreless, I may also receive one of a limited selection of crappy phones. With my free phone, I will need to purchase many over-inflated accessories to actually enable a true ‘mobile’ phone solution. No matter what, Verizon Wireless shall make every effort to ensure its capabilities of recovering money allegedly ‘given’ to the me, the subscriber.

Obviously, Verizon is not at fault for the obliteration of my phone. I just wish they could offer me a more reasonable replacement plan than to just pay full price. Have you seen how much a phone costs without a subscription plan?!?

So the plan is to keep wireless customers in a forced membership status by ensuring that, as soon as a contract expires, you extend it with the lure of additional services or products. Does anyone actually pay full price for a phone? At $175.00 early-termination, it’s *just* on the adverse side of the encouragement other wireless providers can offer. Brilliant. Thanks.

> Dear Olaf Gradin,
> Thank you for contacting the Verizon Wireless website.
> We are sorry to hear that your phone was ran over. This is not covered by
> your warranty. We do apologize.
> You can switch providers in order to receive a free/discounted phone.
> However, if you cancel your service before you Contract expires, you will
> be charged a $175 Early Termination Fee. You may be better off, replacing
> your Verizon phone even if you do not receive a discounted price.
> Sincerely,
> Peter
> Verizon Wireless
> Customer Service
> “We never stop working for you!”
> Original Message Follows:
> ————————
> Form Message
> Primary Subject: Equipment and Accessories
> Secondary Subject: Other
> Message Body: My phone was run over by a vehicle today. Does my 1-yr.
> warranty cover this or should I just switch service providers to get a
> new phone?

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