Canon EOS 20D

My wife just picked up a new camera – digital for once. She’s generally opposed to the medium, but I think the competition and my bantering are finally winning her over. The issue, of course, is that she’s a medium-format user and digital cameras are oft-not capable of reproducing images of this caliber. There are several cameras that are considered medium-format replacements, but they range in the price of 2x-3x analog cameras. The ROI is a bit too far off to justify such an expense right now. However, the Canon EOS 20D (heavily reviewed, so I won’t bother) was a good prosumer selection. I believe the camera is an excellent replacement for most 35mm cameras. The manual controls are extensive and range far enough to give you a lot of working conditions. The most important aspect for her was a remote flash PC terminal. The hotshoe can do it with limitations, but the remote flash cable allows you to sync at broader ranges. Cool! We’re now trying to workout the workflow process of capturing images, transferring them to the computer, and printing them on photo kit sheets for customers of Celestial Studios. The difficulty in this is finding a single package to do it. There may be some out there for thousands of dollars, but I’m thinking it shouldn’t be that hard.

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