Voting Day

It’s voting day at Eastern Standard Time in the United States. My friend, Brandon S., did some last minute campaigning yesterday evening over the phone. He’s certainly more into the political scene than I am, though that’s not saying terribly much. He did give me some additional useful information to help me pick a position on things, however. Because some key issues are addressed more favorably by one candidate, I’ll be leaning in that direction this evening when I vote for Kerry. It does seem to go against my better judgement after watching this guy change his mind so much. Maybe our country will see zero change for four years because of this floundering. It could be worse. Anyway, love it or hate it, I’m going with Brandon’s campaigning because it wasn’t based on mud-slinging and “denigration.” I much prefer the positive outlook of campaigning instead of just focusing on what the other guy is doing wrong.

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  1. Welcome to the side of truth and light. Knowing the type of person you are, I think he is the right choice for you.

    While the right wing media (Fox News) might lead you to believe that Kerry is a flip-flopper, this is not true. Kerry sees the complexities in government (as in life). Things are not black and white, they are shades of gray. A great example is the one often quoted by the right – Kerry voted against the money for Iraq, right after he voted for it. This is the way government works. Legislation is not passed by a single vote. There is a series of votes throughout the passing of a bill – with a series of changes encompassed in each successive vote. One could vote FOR something in the early stages of the process and then vote AGAINST the same bill due to the changes in the new version. At any rate, Kerry is intelligent and thoughtful and can see the big picture – though this is often difficult to convey to the unwashed masses.

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