It's like family, only weirder…


Due to a privacy/confidentiality constraint, I’m not at liberty to discuss an event that occurred over the weekend. I will relate, however, a personal story. When I was 10, my brother took his own life. Henning, my brother, led a life directly opposite that of mine. That is, he was…Continue Reading

Ex-Con’s Seen in Bar

Today, there are at least four people that wish they had stayed in bed this morning. Three of them probably wished they were dead too. 5:00am came earlier than normal this morning when my alarm (cell phone) jolted me out of my comfortability. Last night, I joined three friends at…Continue Reading

The Epitome of Disgusting Males

We traveled out to my mom’s place, Dancing Goat’s Farm, for the day. There we visited with her and my grandmother and her sister. They’re “refugees of Hurricane Ivan” as Gwen (my grand aunt) put it. At any rate, my mom enlightened us to the behavior of a male goat…Continue Reading

Queer Vampire – Vampires and AIDS

A question came up between friends recently on the topic of AIDS and vampires. For each of the four of us, we all had slightly differing opinons. The four answers were: Ed: The vampire contracts AIDS and dies after getting its first illness *CORRECTION* Ed thought that the vampire would…Continue Reading