It's like family, only weirder…

9 Years of Pain End Well

For more than 9 years now I’ve lived with less water pressure coming into my house than I can generate out of my own uretha. As a Christmas gift from Santa Clause, I recently found out about a pressure regulator valve near my water cut-off (city water) that was set…Continue Reading

First Solo

I was totally dissappointed to learn that I missed Balthazar’s first ever live solo gig. It was a total surprise to Amy too. Today, Balthazar took part in his day care’s Christmas pageant thingy. He had learned a song on Monday that he apparently showed great enthusiasm for. So this…Continue Reading

Festivus Boom

A friend of mine sent me a link to an article about the Festivus craze that’s starting throughout the United States. The whole business with a politically correct holiday season got some people fed up. So much so that they abandoned the whole Christmas plan altogether and chose Festivus instead…Continue Reading

Christmas Adam

Yesterday the family celebrated Christmas Adam with my mom. It’s a traditional ceremony for us – one that I invented when I was very young, so a long-standing one at that. Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve. Christian mythology teaches us that Adam came before Eve, though there…Continue Reading

Loathed Sermons

Last night’s sermon after the Christmas play was not a favorite of mine. The pastor said that anything done in your life without Jesus Christ was a waste. There were countless additional versions of that to support the discussion, and they were all equally as displeasing. It’s one thing to…Continue Reading

Christmas Lists

My family will most likely be checking here for my Christmas list, so I’m posting it here for easy reference. Wish Lists: ThinkGeek JINX!