It's like family, only weirder…

Inexorable Cycling Ramp-Up

I missed the GA 400 Century, but I’d love to have done it. I’m pretty far from the endurance needed to complete a 100 mile stint, but I’m very interested in getting there! In the meantime, I’ve started riding to work again about once a week. That gives me a…Continue Reading

Tsungi Horn

I both found the answer I’ve sought and had my hopes and dreams crushed by said answer in one shot. I’ve been listening to a song by Mercan Dede for sometime now, “Book of Wings.” In it is a featured instrument – apparently Asian in nature (in my mind) –…Continue Reading

Back from Williamsburg

We visited Williamsburg, Virginia recently to get a little more vacation time in before the 2010-2011 school year began. While there, we hit Busch Gardens and Water Country using their Summer “Discovery Pass.” It gives you seven consecutive days to visit both parks at your leisure. Aside from $13.00/day/park, the…Continue Reading

League of Legends Shout-Out

Several people on the freely available game, League of Legends, have noticed that my username is actually a nudge to my website. So for all of you fellow champion-slayers out there, this is my hello! See you on the battlefield. Before you go – leave a note in the comments…Continue Reading

Bonnaroo 2009: Wrap-Up

Image by Olaf via Flickr It has been a year since I went to Bonnaroo and I’ve just realized that I never wrote anything about the experience. At least nothing of any real length. Since it has been so long, I’m just going to hit on two things that really…Continue Reading

Scorpions of the Undead

The memoir I recount thus is an attempt to purge the demons of my mind from dragging me hither unto the shadowy depths of madness. The terrors conjured up by the knowledge of this tale should bring any sane man to the brink or beyond. It is for this reason…Continue Reading

Remembering the Future

As one looks deeply into their ancestral past, it is the future that you begin to see. I’ve recently been somewhat engaged in the genealogical study of my mother’s father’s name, Gradin. I have discovered, for one, that genealogy is not for the timid nor uncommitted. It is some hard…Continue Reading

Matisyahu – Light

My friend, Carlos, brought to my attention Matisyahu a little while back. As of the 25th, he’s released a new album titled “Light” and I’ve just pulled it down off of the Zune Marketplace. It features the previously released single, “One Day,” which my son began singing after just a…Continue Reading

Surf and Turf, Bicycle Style

We visited members of my family at the beach last weekend and I took my bike down with me for the first time in my life. I’ve been visiting my grandmother’s condo since I was 4 and I’ve only just realized that I could take a bike with me. Riding…Continue Reading

Zork Returns

Some of you may recall the classic text adventure game of Zork. It died out long ago – around the time of the BBS’ demise, though I played them for a bit afterward. Well now we can relive the golden years of “Internet” gaming. Legends of Zork have been reenvisioned…Continue Reading