It's like family, only weirder…


Greetings from Tropical PlacesWe’re spending an otherwise crisp and chilly November weekend on the sunny beach of Pensacola Beach, Flordia. We arrived last night in time for dinner – a lovely time to arrive anywhere. While not ideal for making a trip to the beach, it allowed us to rest up for a pre-7am wakeup call from Balthazar. The sun comes in bright well before 7 here, so Balthazar was wide awake and on the bed requiring our attention. 7am is typically a good time to take a long stroll down the beach to Bagelheads, though in November that means it’s around 40°F and windy to boot. So we bundled up as much as anyone should bundle up on the Gulf of Mexico and started walking. Balthazar actually ran the whole way – a little more than a mile, I estimate – on soft sand. It might have taken us 20 or 30 mintues to get there. Then it’s hot coffee, bagels, and cinnamon buns. Mmmmm! So we’ve spent a good first day on the beach – the morning has brought about nap time for the rest of the family. I expect we’ll do more of the beach, or perhaps try and hit a Native American Indian festival going on in Pensacola. We only have the weekend, so we’re trying just as hard as we can to relax and enjoy it.

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