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Your News Updates

Flickr has announced their new pricing it appears. The price is reduced a tad, but moreover the benefits have increased. Free accounts can now upload twice as much as before and you can show 200 images rather than the previous limit of 100. That’s very cool! Flickr Link. In other…Continue Reading

Sleep Takes the Weary

I’m laying in bed about to fall out. Today, I mowed the entire lawn for the first time this year. It was quite a feat, and our yard is pretty large. It’s also a ridiculous hill from the top of the driveway to the run-off creek. Since I completed the…Continue Reading

In Memory of Raven

Our very lovable dog, Raven, met an untimely end last night. We are aggrieved by her death, as any pet owner would be. I can think of nothing ill of Raven. She was a great pet the seven-odd years she stayed with us. I only recently wrote of her Wasp-Whispering…Continue Reading

Xbox 2 Will Debut on MTV

Turns out MTV is still cool afterall. I guess The Grind didn’t sink their boat over a decade ago. “Just as MTV revolutionized the way the world experiences music, the next-generation video game console from Xbox will spark a revolution in how consumers experience games and other forms of digital…Continue Reading

Nature Abhors a Vacum

The mind is a vacum. In the beginning, it draws information unending. As the vacum is naturalized, the consumption is slowed until it finally stops. At that point, some informational back-pressure occurs and something goes missing. If you attempt to add to the mind at this stage, you only force…Continue Reading

New Recruits

Carlos Rivera and I have both been trying to recruit additional members into the blogosphere. At present, we’re working on pressuring a fellow car-pooler, David C., and a co-worker, Marc W. Each of them have some assemblage of a web site already, but you and I know that excuse is…Continue Reading