It's like family, only weirder…

Men’s Penitentiary

Entering a small, well-lit room from the bottom of a stairwell today with four other buddies, we are greeted by an assortment of naked men occupying the 50 or so square feet. It’s dank in the close quarters and a general awkwardness overcomes us all. To combat this, we all decide to kid about men’s penitentiaries and make obviously heterosexual, but gay references. The ice is cut and we wriggle ourselves through slippery flesh to a poor choice of seats, the only seats.

I’ve never seen the locker room this full.

Reader Comments

  1. The situation is still awkward (if not moreso) when the situation is altered to include an assortment of naked women. However, the gay jokes don’t make sense in those circumstances and just add to the tension.

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