It's like family, only weirder…

Fishing Trip on Mars

It turns out that scientists are decided on the history of Mars as it relates to water. From what they can tell from the plethora of probes at and around the planet, water existed and for a long period of time. It’s something in the magnitudes of millions of years…Continue Reading

Most Excellent!

I had a really great time with everyone that showed up to drum tonight. Although the coldest night we’ve been outside this year, it was probably the most energetic. Matt and I didn’t even realize how cold it was until it was all over and we were standing up. The…Continue Reading

Drumming Tonight

If you’re in the neighborhood, I’ll be drumming on the square in Gainesville again around 8:00pm. It should be a good time, even it is a little cold. No rain in the forecast, so that’s good. As always, we’ll have some extra seats and drums if you don’t one to…Continue Reading

Scrotal Saftey Commission introduced me to the Scrotal Saftey Commission. An enjoyable read for everyone, testicled or not. My favorite line: “The delicacy known as Rocky Mountain Oysters are in actuality USDA approved bull testicles. People eat these. I’m serious, they put them in their mouth and eat them.”

Beatles Tribute Album

If the Beatles were given a tribute album like Led Zeplin’s, who would sing, “Across the Universe?” Fiona Apple or Rufus Wainwright?

Lunch: Recipes for Disaster

Also curtesy Ingle’s, lunch is a delicious (if large) collection of bargains. I downed a ham and cheese sandwhich and a dozen deviled eggs (6 whole eggs). For dessert, I’ll be packing down a half-pound puddle of pudding – bannana. There are also still four doughnuts from this morning that…Continue Reading

Doughnut Croissant

If you haven’t had one of these, you are a depraved soul bound for a hell of ignorance. One taste of such goodness and your senses become more keen than ever. You also get super-powers from them. I got one at Ingle’s (Grocery Store) – now I’m a slave to…Continue Reading