It's like family, only weirder…

The Honda Experience

The Honda Element has an unusual aesthetic value about it. I believe the general favor for this vehicle is split between those who love it and those who hate it. Oddly still, that split is probably 50/50. My wife and I coincidentally agree on our view and like the overall…Continue Reading

New Drum

I recently purchased a Klong Yaw (also seen as klon yaw and glawng yao). It’s 31” high with a 9.5” head. I got it because it seemed very unique and I’ve often spoke of a mythical drum of this shape. Turns out it wasn’t just in my head after all.…Continue Reading

“Olaf” – No Relation…

You laugh now, but try searching for your name in Google’s image search. This is “Olaf”, the photorealistic centaur. This image came from Freak Aspect’s Internet gallery. You can see it here.

Send $39.95 to join the Olaf fan club!

I’m so pleased that the European Anti-Fraud Office joined my fan club. Because I value their ethics and $39.95 (what do I do with these Euro’s now?), I sent them all complimentary jackets.